The PAM Awards entry process begins each year in September and culminates in the PAM Awards dinner, which take place annually, in the Spring.


Details of the categories you can enter, together with the various dates you need to know, are shown below.

  • Investment Performance: Cautious Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Defensive Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Growth Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: High Growth Portfolios
  • Challenger
  • Innovation
  • Client Service Quality - HNW (£1m-£50m)
  • Total Wealth Planning - HNW (£1m+)
  • Total Wealth Service - UHNW (£50m+)
  • Private Market Access - UHNW (£50m+)

Indicative Deadlines for PAM Awards

Late September
Notification of intent to enter (all categories)
Late November
Entry submission deadline for all Qualitative categories and submission of data to ARC (ARC to receive all manager performance data, up to 3rd quarter, and validation documents for Investment Performance categories)
Late January
Entrant presentations (by invitation)
Early February
Submission of year end figures (via PAMonline) and final quarter of performance data (to ARC)

You may later withdraw from a category by contacting us, but you may be restricted from entering a category if notification is received late.

If you have any queries on the PAM Awards, particularly if they relate to the criteria, submission process or non-performance awards please contact Kathryn Stokes on 07894 488014.

Entry submission

Investment Performance categories only
If you are entering only the Investment Performance categories, you will be sent access details to PAMonline. You are asked to ensure your public company profile is updated. You will also be contacted by Asset Risk Consultants, who will supply you with an additional spreadsheet to complete.
Qualitative categories
If you are entering any of the qualitative categories, you will be sent access details to PAMonline. You are asked to ensure your public company profile is updated and to complete the confidential Extended Manager Profile*, which is used solely for the purposes of the PAM Awards. Omissions from the Extended Manager Profile may be penalised by the Judging Panel and we encourage you to complete it as fully as possible.

*If you are entering the Challenger category only, you do not need to complete the Extended Manager Profile, but will be sent a confidential Short Manager Profile as a spreadsheet, which you need to complete fully and submit with your written submission. In addition, you are required to complete a category-specific entry, according to the guidelines found in the Categories, Criteria & Guidelines document. These are available on request, and will also be sent out to managers who have registered their intention to enter. Category entries need to be submitted via PAMonline in the PAM Awards section.

All entries, including data, up to 3rd quarter, to ARC, are due late November


Presentations will be held late January and early February. Dates will be confirmed.

If you are asked to present you will be allocated a time slot on one of these days. You are requested to ensure that relevant senior members of the private client team be available on these days, in case you are invited to present. Invitations will be issued mid January

Not all firms will be invited to present. This does not indicate that a firm has been chosen or excluded, and a firm will not be penalised if it is not invited to present. Firms will be invited to present if:

  • the entry does not represent the firm to the standard experienced by the Judging Panel and the Panel agrees to give them the opportunity to redress the issues in a presentation; or
  • the entry has raised or left some questions that the Panel would like the manager to address in a presentation. NB. Investment Performance and Reporting categories are not presented on.

A firm with an entry that stands on its own and raises no further queries will not necessarily be invited to present. Again, this does not indicate that this firm has been chosen or excluded, nor will the firm be penalised by not being invited to present.

Presenters will be informed what category they are being asked to present, including clear guidance on any issues that need to be addressed.

Finalists & Winners

Finalists will be announced in early March 2023 on thewealthnet.

For further information on booking tables at the PAM Awards Gala Dinner, please contact Kathryn Stokes