The PAM Awards feature three classes of the leading organisations in each Award category: commended, finalist and winner. There is no limit to the number of firms which can be commended or be finalists, as the decision is based solely on merit, and sometimes there can be more than one winner. Equally, if the Panel decides that no firms have made a significant impact, a category may have no finalists and/or winner(s).

We ask the Judges to name the top organisations which they believe to be the best in each of the categories below on the basis of specific criteria:

  • Investment Performance: Cautious Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Defensive Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Growth Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: High Growth Portfolios
  • Challenger
  • Innovation
  • Client Service Quality High Net Worth (£1m-£50m)
  • Total Wealth Planning High Net Worth (£1m +)
  • Total Wealth Service Ultra High Net Worth (£50m+)
  • Private Market Assets Ultra High Net Worth (£50m+)

For the full criteria of the above categories, please contact Kathryn Stokes +44 (0)207 967 1609.