PAM Awards - Categories

The PAM Awards

The aim of the PAM Awards is to gather market data on the relative performance of the leading private asset management firms, including - inter alia - private banks, fund managers and stockbrokers. We ask the Judges to name the top organisations which they believe to be the best in each of the categories below on the basis of specific criteria:

  • Investment Performance: Cautious Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Defensive Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: Growth Portfolios
  • Investment Performance: High Growth Portfolios
  • Emerging Manager
  • Innovation
  • Digital Wealth Solution
  • Responsible/Sustainable Investment Solution *NEW CATEGORY*
  • Client Service Quality - HNW (£1m-£50m)
  • Client Service Quality - UHNW (£50m+)
  • Positive Impact *NEW CATEGORY*
  • Total Wealth Solutions Provider - HNW (£1m-£50m)
  • Total Wealth Solutions Provider - UHNW (£50m+)
  • Lifetime Achievement (occasional award)

For the full criteria of the above categories, please contact Wendy Marston, +44 (0) 7971 203725.

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