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Sat 13th Feb 2016

Privacy Policy

Pam Insight Limited ("Pam Insight") has developed this Privacy Policy for the benefit of the Users (also referred to herein as "you") of its web site, pamonline.com (the "Site"), to demonstrate our serious commitment to protecting privacy on this Site. The following information summarises Pam Insight’s personal data gathering and distribution practices for this Site. Pam Insight reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of this Site following notice of any such modifications will be conclusively deemed acceptance of any changes to this Privacy Policy.


Pam Insight is committed to maintaining a secure platform for our User's information. We continuously monitor and review our security policies so as to provide our Users only the most secure and trustworthy environment available.

Site Security
Security for our Users is of paramount importance to Pam Insight. We recognise the sensitivity of the information being passed through our Site and realise the need for stringent controls with regards to privacy and security. Therefore, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure the integrity of our Users' identity and information.
First and foremost, access is controlled by User registration. Next, we employ system level data password protection. This protects customer sensitive data that is stored on our servers.
Pam Insight is committed to maintaining a secure platform for our User's information. We continuously monitor and review our security policies so as to provide our Users only the most secure and trustworthy environment available.

Searches and other transactions that a User performs through the Site
Pam Insight recognises the highly sensitive and proprietary nature of information that is gathered for transaction purposes on this Site. Personal information provided by Users is only provided to prospective asset managers (“Managers”) if the User has specified that he or she wishes the particular Manager to make contact via telephone, email, post or PAMsearch. Access to documentation and information stored as a result of an ongoing or completed transaction is restricted to only those Users who initiated that transaction. By virtue of our multi-layer encryption standards, Pam Insight can provide its Users with a secure environment where transaction information is protected from unauthorised persons. In addition, access to this information by Pam Insight personnel is limited to only those individuals whose access is required for operational purposes.

Why does Pam Insight need my personal information?
In order to provide our Users with a more personalised, relevant, and intelligent service, Pam Insight regularly makes improvements to this Site. The collection of personal data assists Pam Insight in this improvement process by identifying the interests and needs of the many Users of this Site. Data collection also assists Pam Insight by allowing it to show products and/or services in a more efficient manner. Pam Insight may use the technical and reference information it collects, in aggregate or individual form, for the following purposes:

• Content Improvement • Technical Support • Site Customisation
• Product Development • Order Processing • Marketing
• Promotion • Customer Support • Statistical Anaylsis
Although Pam Insight’s primary goal in collecting personal information is to deliver a customised and personalised service to Registered Subscribers, Registered Users, and Users, and to provide them with an efficient means to reach relevant Managers, Pam Insight also uses the personal information it collects to send Users E-mail notification of new features or information available through the Site, and other information that Pam Insight feels might be of interest to Users of this Site. Pam Insight also collects IP addresses, or the location of your computer on the Internet, for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes, and to report aggregate information to Managers and advertisers.

How and what information does Pam Insight gather or track?
Through the use of "cookies" (as described below) and on-line data entry, survey, and registration forms, Pam Insight may collect and/or monitor, in aggregate and individual form, personal identifying facts or data on, among other things, the following information.

Technical Information
  • Home Server
  • Domain Address
  • E-Mail Address
Reference Information
  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Login & Password
Pam Insight gathers most of the personal information it collects on its Users during the initial registration process. Although most of the personal identifying information is necessary for Pam Insight to deliver its valuable services, as indicated on the on-line registration form, some of the information collected is optional with respect to use of this Site. Accordingly, Users generally determine for themselves what information they wish to submit on a voluntary basis to Pam Insight.
In addition to the initial registration process, Pam Insight occasionally asks Users for personal information at other times, including when they complete optional survey forms or fill out optional contact forms for additional information on particular products and services.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent from a web site and stored on your computer’s hard drive or temporarily in your computer’s memory. Pam Insight may place and store Internet cookies on a User’s hard drive. Cookies can save any of the types of information noted above. When the User revisits this Site, Pam Insight can recognise the User by the Internet cookie and customise the User’s experience at this Site accordingly. Thus, Pam Insight uses cookies to recognise User access privileges to the Site, customise and personalise a User’s experience at this Site, track Site usage and traffic patterns, add advertisements for goods and services of interest, and estimate this Site’s audience size. Pam Insight also uses cookies to store User names and passwords that are supplied at registration. If Pam Insight utilises cookies in connection with the collection of information for third-parties, i.e., advertisers, the relevant advertiser(s) may receive electronic notification when a User views the advertisement.
The use of cookies is now an industry standard, and Users will find them on most major web sites. Although most web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, if you prefer, a User can decline the placement of a cookie on his or her hard drive by using the appropriate feature(s) of one’s web browser software (if available) to delete the cookie. Users should understand, however, that many features of this Site cannot be accessed if the web browser will not accept cookies.

Does Pam Insight disclose personal information to third-parties?
Pam Insight does not disclose its Users' personal information to any third parties other than the Managers referred to above. Pam Insight will not sell, rent or give away any data related to its Users' individual or transactional information. However, Pam Insight does disclose to third-parties publicly available or volunteered technical, demographic or reference information, but only in aggregate statistical form. Personal demographic information assists managers on this Site in providing relevant information about their products or services to Users who have requested contact. Pam Insight deals only with Managers offering for sale products or services which, in Pam Insight’s sole judgment, may be of interest to Users of this Site. Again, only aggregate information will be provided to these parties other than in the instances referred to above.

Opt-out right
To the extent possible, Pam Insight offers Users to this Site the ability to avoid the collection of their personal data by "opting-out." In particular, this Site permits a User to determine for what purposes it wishes to have personal data collected and/or distributed to third-parties. By not answering optional questions, checking the appropriate box when notified, or by contacting Pam Insight at info@paminsight.com a User, for instance, can opt out of having their personal information used by Pam Insight for secondary purposes (i.e., statistical analysis, etc.).

Correcting, updating, and removing personal information
At any time, a User may contact Pam Insight to correct and/or update personal information. Users may edit their account information at any time through their logon preferences. Upon request, Pam Insight will also remove a User’s personal information from its database, thereby canceling the User’s registration with Pam Insight. In the event that Pam Insight receives such a request, Pam Insight may require the User to confirm or verify any change to the User’s personal account.

Collection of personal information from children
This Site is not primarily intended for individuals under the age of eighteen ("children"). Accordingly, Pam Insight will not knowingly collect or post information from children without parental or guardian consent.
Moreover, Pam Insight will not knowingly use any personal data collected from children for any purpose whatsoever, including disclosure to any third-party.
In the event Pam Insight discovers the submission of personal data from children to this Site, Pam Insight will make a reasonable effort to notify the parent or guardian of the child’s submission and provide instructions on how the parent can delete the submitted data.

What else should I know about my privacy?
While Pam Insight has endeavored to create a secure and reliable Site for Users, Pam Insight.com cannot ensure or warrant the security or confidentiality of any information Users transmit to/from this Site. When disclosing any personal information, all Users should remain mindful of the fact that it is potentially accessible to the public, and consequently, can be collected and used by others without User consent.
All Users must remember that they use the Internet and this Site solely at their own risk and are ultimately responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their own personal information. Pam Insight has no responsibility or liability for the security of personal information transmitted via the Internet.
Moreover, to the extent hyperlinks are utilised to access third-party sites, Users should be aware that these third-party web sites are not controlled by Pam Insight and therefore, are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Users should check the privacy policies of these individual sites to see how their personal information will be utilised, as Pam Insight is not responsible for the separate policies or practices of partners or third-party Internet web sites.
Pam Insight urges all of its Users to be careful and responsible whenever they are on-line.

Contact Us
For more private communication or if you have further questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or the use of your personal data, please contact Pam Insight at 22 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6LB, United Kingdom.

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